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My name is Ike Puzon, and I am honored and excited for the opportunity to enter the Maryland State Senate race (District 26).  I am proud to be the son of a Filipino immigrant and a tobacco share crop farmer. Growing up in Eastern NC, my family was far from rich financially, but my parents’ strong family values made for a rich life.  Respect, Faith, and Family were the unwavering beliefs I was raised on and live by today.  To this day, I attribute my success in life to the values my parents instilled in me, and to my wife.


Like many in my generation, my life changed drastically with the start of the Vietnam War.  I was drafted and eventually went into the US Navy where I had the opportunity to travel the world alongside a team of Navy Shipmates that became instrumental in my success.


I continue my work in the Navy working under several administrations, Clinton, Bush Sr and Jr, and most recently, the Obama Administration.  During one of my position in the State Department, I was the Chief of Staff for Middle East Transitions, working to assist Syria, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen. In the past, I provided assistance to refugees and the Former Soviet Union Republics.


After 29 years in the Navy, I became the Military Legislative Assistant to a US Senator, and played a pivotal role in the passing of key military/veteran legislation.  Shortly thereafter, I started my own lobbying and consultant business here in Prince George’s County.  I am proud to say we have been a successful Prince George’s County Small Business for over 15 years.


My wife Diann and I are blessed to have 4 children and eight grandchildren. In 2004, my wife Diann and I decided to grow our family of 4. We knew we wanted to adopt locally, and we are blessed with two precious girls, both of whom live with disabilities.  Because of their disabilities, we have both gained intimate knowledge of the mental health and disabilities systems and have served many years as board of directors for agencies that work with the disabled.  I also serve as a Board Member on a local hospital. And, currently Executive Director of a Non-profit in National Security area.


I am honored for the opportunity to seek your vote to change PG County and the great state of Maryland. 



29 years in the US Navy, Executive Director of military non-profit, President & CEO of Puzon & Associates, Bay-CSS Board Member and currently Board President, Past Board Member of Nexus Health//Fort Washington Medical Center, Chief of Staff to Ambassador Bill Taylor, Chief of Staff for Ambassador Rich Armitage, Senior military advisor and military legislative assistant in the office of Senator Max Cleland, Military Assistant to Secretary of Defense. I held military command of a Naval Air Station, and a Navy Squadron.



Distinguished Superior Service Award, Legion of Merit (2), and several military awards, and State Department Meritorious Honor Award,



Prince George’s County has the potential to be a great county! If elected, I plan to improve our children’s education systems, create new jobs, reduce taxes on families and Small Business, and improve our community life! Together, we can make progress towards a shared dream of Prince George’s County at its highest potential!

Ike Puzon, Maryland State Senate Candidate, District 26
DK Puzon, Treasurer

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